Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why stainless steel?

A: Because of it's strength and resistance to corrosion it is an ideal material for long lasting, hard waring jewellery and accessories. When finely polished it is often mistaken for silver.

Q: Doesn't the maille pull out hair?

A: Almost never, because I saw cut the rings I use or in some cases order machine cut rings. Chain maille can catch hairs, if the rings don't close well. Using saw or machine cut rings allows me to male neater closures.

Below are some pictures showing the difference between closed saw cut rings and closed pinch cut rings, not only are the saw cut rings un-likely to grab hair or scratch skin, they also look better, If you look carefully you can see the join at the top of the saw cut ring.

Saw Cut vs Pinch Cut Rings

Top: Saw cut rings
Bottom: Pinch cut rings

Saw Cut Rings

Ring cut using arbor and saw blade

Pinch Cut Rings

Ring cut using pliers

Q: Arn't the shirts heavy?

A: Yes and no, they are heavy to pick up, but once they are on they don't feel heavy because they distribute the weight.

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